About Safety 101

We Did Extensive Market Research

We interviewed over one hundred organizations about their safety systems. Our interviews included a variety of organizational types (manufacturing, retail, construction, government, education) as well as safety consultants and OSHA.

Here is What We Learned

  • Most organizations use a paper-based safety system (spreadsheets, binders, access databases).
  • Many of these organizations have not searched for a software solution while others have searched but found the available solutions to be too expensive.
  • Although many organizations we spoke with have a well-organized, well-thought-out safety program, their paper-based system makes it difficult to easily and quickly share information.
  • Not being able to store safety information in one place was the most common issue (pain-point) raised — especially among organizations with multiple locations.

Our Solution --- A Safety Software System That Any Organization Can Afford

The system:

  • Allows an organization to store and access their safety information from a single easy-to-use app.
  • Provides a formal incident investigation and corrective action process to eliminate hazards before someone gets hurt.
  • Has an audit process to help ensure once a hazard is eliminated it stays eliminated (including a mobile auditor app).
  • Automatically generates OSHA 300 injury forms (including electronic submittal directly to OSHA).
  • Includes tools for managing employee work restrictions and non-work injuries.
  • Has a stand-alone employee kiosk app that allows the broader organization to submit safety concerns (anonymously if desired).
  • Generates safety performance metrics including Incident Rate and DART score (a key OSHA metric for prioritizing their audits).
Tracks each employee’s safety history.

For $75 per month, Safety 101 gives your team the tools to manage your safety program (across multiple locations).