Recording OSHA Incidents on paper can make accessing them difficult---especially across multiple locations.

This system helps you stay compliant with the OSHA 300 Recordkeeping Requirements:

  • Generate OSHA 300 Injury Forms

    Incident Form 301, Log Form 300 and Summary Form 300A.

  • Capture Privacy Concern Cases

    System handles privacy concern cases if necessary.

  • Store Historic OSHA Recordable Incidents

    Digitally store previously completed OSHA records: 301 incident forms, 300 log line items, or 301 incident form privacy concern cases.

  • Submit 300A Directly to OSHA

    Electronically submit your 300A Summary directly to OSHA.

Keep OSHA data for all work locations in one easy-to-access application and generate each OSHA 300 injury form with one click (301, 300 and 300A).


Generate OSHA 300 Injury Forms

Capture Privacy Concern Cases

Digitally Store Previously Completed OSHA Records