Does your team stay informed of what's happening with your safety program?

With this system you can:

  • Receive Automatic Safety Event Emails

    All users can be alerted if there’s a new near miss, corrective action audit, work restriction, etc… (email settings are customizable).

  • View All Your Safety Tasks on a To-Do List

    Whether there’s an active work restriction, uncorrected safety incident, corrective action assigned to you and more.

  • Communicate Safety Assignments

    Any user assigned to implement a corrective action or perform an audit is notified via email and have reminders on their to-do-lists.

  • Receive Safety Summary Emails

    Any user can receive a regular email informing them of everything on their to-do-list and any outstanding issues, like an uncorrected safety incident.

System emails and each user’s to-do-list will keep your safety team in the know.


Get E-mailed When There is an Incident

View All Safety Tasks on Your To-do List

Assign Corrective Actions to Team Members

Assign Corrective Action Audits to Team Members