When your employees see something, do they say something? Has a safety hazard ever gone unreported until someone got hurt?

Only authorized users have access to the Safety 101 system, but any employee can access the kiosk. With the employee kiosk you can:

  • Encourage Employee Safety Input

    The employee kiosk provides any employee a way to anonymously submit safety ideas and observations.

  • Receive Kiosk Submission Emails

    The system sends out an email for every new employee safety input submission.

  • Collect Employee Safety Feedback

    Safety feedback submitted through the kiosk can either be deleted or marked resolved.

  • Facilitate 'Good Catch' Programs

    Save all employee safety input submissions for a ‘good catch’ safety incentive program.

The kiosk app provides a consistent channel for employees to say something when they see something (anonymously if desired).


Employee Kiosk Login Screen

Encourage Employee Safety Input From Kiosk

Receive Kiosk Submission Emails

Collect Employee Safety Feedback