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Is your safety program missing something?

  • Do your employees report every safety hazard or near miss?
  • Does your team know what's happening with safety?
  • When asked to complete a safety task, does the employee get it done?
  • Once a corrective action is put in place does it stay in place?
  • Do you want one place to store your safety information?
  • Would you like a paperless safety system?

With Safety 101 you can:

  • Encourage Employee Safety Input

    Enable employees to share their safety ideas and observations through the employee kiosk app (anonymously if desired).

  • Keep Your Team in the Know

    E-mail alerts and personalized to-do-lists keep your team in the know (e.g. assign people to implement corrective actions).

  • Store Safety Info in One Place

    Safety incidents, employee safety history, OSHA 300 injury forms etc... all stored in a single, easy-to-use application.

  • Capture Safety Incidents

    Record and communicate observed hazards, near misses and serious injuries along with their root cause and corrective action.

  • Perform Periodic Audits

    Schedule periodic audits to ensure once a corrective action is put in place, it stays in place.

  • Access Employee Safety History

    View an employee’s complete safety history with one click.

  • Generate OSHA 300 Injury Forms

    Generate OSHA 300 forms with one click. Electronically submit your 300A directly to OSHA. Supports Privacy Concern Cases.

  • Communicate Work Restrictions

    Provide supervisors a daily work restriction report and follow-up reminders.

  • Store Pictures and Documents

    Upload files to safety incidents, work restrictions and non-work injuries.

  • Log Non-Work Injuries

    Create the visibility needed to prevent non-work injuries from becoming on-the-job injuries.

For $75 per month, Safety 101 enables you and your team to proactively manage your safety program (especially across multiple work locations).


Encourage Employee Safety Input

Capture Safety Incidents

Perform Periodic Audits

Access Employee Safety History

Automatically Generate OSHA 300 Injury Forms

Communicate Work Restrictions

Log Non-Work Injuries